Jak Gordon

Tattoo Artist at Northside Tattooz

About me:

I’ve started tattooing in 2019. My preferred styles are traditional and geometric/dotwork ! To book in, please send me a DM on Instagram; check out my most recent work on Instagram at @jgtattooer

    Some of my latest work is featured below:

    Tattoo by Jak Gordon2022-11-16T17:05:21+00:00
    Tattoo by Jak Gordon2022-11-16T16:58:32+00:00
    Tattoo by Jak Gordon2022-11-16T16:47:51+00:00
    Tattoo by Jak Gordon2022-11-16T16:27:12+00:00
    Tattoo by Jak Gordon2022-11-14T14:46:47+00:00
    Tattoo by Jak Gordon2022-11-14T14:44:33+00:00
    Tattoo by Jak Gordon2022-11-16T16:39:50+00:00
    Tattoo by Jak Gordon2022-11-14T14:57:50+00:00
    Tattoo by Jak Gordon2022-11-16T16:42:19+00:00