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Jenna Chasinghawk

Tattoo Artist at the Private Rooms [Newcastle]

Originally born on Turtle Island, (North America), I am a Lakota Sioux Artist from Standing Rock Reservation.

I’ve consistently drawn from a young age and spent time furthering my knowledge of art and various drawing, painting, and printing techniques at The University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication.

Despite living away from my reservation, I’ve always tried to uphold cultural traditions , specifically those in relation to tattoos. There is a Lakota myth or Hihankara, (Owl-Maker) who stands upon the entrance to the Sky-Road, (Milky Way). There she examines each Wanagi, (soul of a deceased human who approaches, and if they cannot show her the proper tattoos, she pushes them from the path and they fall back to earth to wander as ghosts forever.

It is because of this that I’m so careful when designing tattoos so that they are specific to each person, ensuring each design is unique, personalised, and holds significance.

I specialise in modern tribal art work.

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