Jaysin Burgess

Tattoo Artist at the Private Rooms [Newcastle]

I am originally from Chicago and have loved the art of tattooing since I was young. I have been doing it as a profession since 2010 and enjoy it every day. My prefered styles are Neo-traditional , New School and Black and grey realism, but I enjoy putting a twist on most.

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Some of my latest work is featured below:

Tiger tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2017-07-25T14:58:10+01:00
Shark tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2017-07-25T14:59:09+01:00
Bat tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2017-07-25T14:59:52+01:00
Skull and rose by Jaysin Burgess2017-07-25T15:03:39+01:00
Death-face moth by Jaysin Burgess2017-07-25T15:07:10+01:00
Freehand tribal shark by Jaysin Burgess2017-07-25T15:08:02+01:00
Great wave dotwork tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2017-07-25T15:08:42+01:00
Native American woman by Jaysin Burgess2017-07-25T15:09:48+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2017-07-25T15:10:36+01:00