Jaysin Burgess

Tattoo Artist at the Private Rooms [Newcastle]

Professional friendly clean tattooist. Vegan friendly tattooing. 10 plus years of experience in pro studios. While I am versatile I specialise in traditional style tattoos with my own flare colour or Black and Grey. I enjoy tattooing most styles and executing them to the highest quality.

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Some of my latest work is featured below:

Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:53:14+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:49:32+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:48:56+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:48:23+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:45:42+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:44:56+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:44:15+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:52:13+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:42:53+01:00
Tattoo by Jaysin Burgess2020-05-30T13:42:15+01:00