Emma Sam

Tattoo Artist at Northside Tattooz

I started tattooing in 2016 and I enjoy tattooing blackwork and dotwork.

To book in, please use the contact form below or send me a direct message on Instagram: @black_fox_tattoo

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    Some of my latest work is featured below:

    Tattoo by Emma Sam2020-05-30T13:10:59+01:00
    Tattoo by Emma Sam2020-05-30T13:12:04+01:00
    Tattoo by Emma Sam2020-05-30T13:12:37+01:00
    Tattoo by Emma Sam2020-05-30T13:13:18+01:00
    Tattoo by Emma Sam2020-05-30T13:16:47+01:00
    Tattoo by Emma Sam2020-05-30T13:17:56+01:00
    Tattoo by Emma Sam2020-05-30T13:21:52+01:00
    Tattoo by Emma Sam2020-05-30T13:26:22+01:00
    Tattoo by Emma Sam2020-05-30T13:27:33+01:00