Greg Scott2017-07-27T14:29:25+00:00

Greg Scott

Tattoo Artist at the Private Rooms [Newcastle]

I started tattooing in 2006. I enjoy tattooing Neo-tradional, script and Japanese, basically anything with fine lines, bold colours and lots of detail, but I am happy to tattoo in any styles.

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Some of my latest work is featured below:

Dotwork mandala by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:57:30+00:00
Blue Jay tattoo by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:53:42+00:00
Fox tattoo by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:51:56+00:00
Zombie hand by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:30:56+00:00
Tiger head by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:33:36+00:00
Strawberry tattoo by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:34:37+00:00
Skull tattoo by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:38:28+00:00
Simpsons tattoos by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:39:50+00:00
Rose tattoo by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:43:05+00:00
Pizza tattoo by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:58:59+00:00
Hand tattoo by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:47:34+00:00
Edgar Allan Poe portrait by Greg Scott2017-07-27T13:49:34+00:00